Thursday, 25 April 2013

Are you an anonymous blogger or do you let it all hang out?

Do you blog incognito?
There's no doubt about it: there is a divide amongst the blogging community for those who wish to stay anonymous and those who are happy to bare all.

What materialised from last Sunday's discussion was that there is a range of anonymity varying between bloggers; there is a difference between anonymity online and in amongst our everyday lives amid the people we know.

Some bloggers choose complete anonymity for reasons of being able to express themselves more freely without fear of reprisals from people they know. Some even kept it secret from their partners.

"At the moment our blog is anonymous. Our family or friends don't know about it :) ...There's no real reason for it, just the fact we just don't want them knowing about it"

"I decided to blog anonymously as I felt I could be more honest. I have some really blunt blogs lined up too"

"I try to be anonymous about personal details in my life, like I wouldn't splash my address/job/when I go to the toilet etc"

For many, blogging started anonymously and then, as they gained confidence, told more and more people and 'came out':

"My blog started out anonymous but as I went on I really wanted to share. Now even some work colleagues know about it"

"Recently been really tempted to "come out". I don't like keeping this a secret from my wife and want to share"

Some felt that it was important to maintain the privacy of their families by not posting names or pictures of the faces of their partners or children.  Many of these bloggers adopt pseudonymous identities and give other names to their children and other family members.

"I want to keep my blog anonymous, not from my friends or family but from people I don't know. Joint decision with hubby"

Some bloggers are wary of who may be lurking on the internet and are very protective of their family members:

"I wouldn't ever put up an identifiable photo of our son on my blog. Want to protect him. Hubby feels v strongly about this too"

"Absolutely agree re not putting up pics of kids. Hubby v adamant too. Sometimes wish could share more but safety first"

Whereas others don't share this concern:

"My kids are all over my blog. It's about them, why would I possibly keep them out of it? :) They're the blogging fuel!"

"Doubt anyone's interested in my photos. They are pretty shite. Haha!"

In contrast, this point was made:

"Does anyone worry that our kids may hate what you've written about them when they're older? I write vague stuff about him because of this"

Another point to question anonymity:

"Is anyone else going to Britmumslive. If u r anonymous what will u do about introducing yourself there?"

So what do you think?  Come and add to the discussion and let us know your opinions.  Please comment below!


  1. I am a secret blogger, partly because I don't want my work colleagues knowing all about my private life. I blog about our two kids, one of whom was born extremely prematurely and has long-term health problems as a result.

    Even my partner is unaware. He is in a very different place to me in terms of our son's condition. I don't know what he'd think about my blogging. I hope one day to tell him.

    Because he doesn't know, I can't post pics of our kids online except the one in the blog header, which is unrecognisable as my son now. I have mixed feelings about this. I would have second thoughts anyway, but I have gained so much from looking at pics of prem babies on other blogs.

  2. Really wanted to be anonymous but couldn't do a cartoon blog when I was one click away from my real name on website. Would never put up photos of family. Amazed that so many people do.


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