Thursday, 21 March 2013

#PBloggers introduces its new blog!

Welcome to the #pbloggers blog! 

We decided to start this blog so that we have somewhere for people to check out if they want to know more about #pbloggers, somewhere to put information to keep you all updated of upcoming topics and to keep notes of what was discussed should anyone have missed the party.

What's it all about?

If you are wondering what #pbloggers is all about then please have a look at our About #pBloggers page. You can also check out how #pbloggers came about on Sunday 10th March 2013 and read about the creators of the trending Twitter party.

When does it happen?

We have had two successful Twitter parties so far, the second of which trended on Twitter and now it will be a permanent thing every Sunday evening from 9 to 10pm UK time.


Every week there will be a different topic for the chat, which you will be able to make suggestions for by emailing us and we will then choose four topics and create a poll on this blog so that you can all vote for whichever topic you would most like to discuss.

After the chat each week we will be writing up a summary of the chat, making sure that we keep a record of all the helpful tips and tricks everybody shares, so if for whatever reason you are unable to join in with the chat you can catch up on what was discussed.

The topic for this Sunday coming (24th March) has already been decided as we have been busy working on the blog and thought a quick decision was needed. The topic will be your favourite blog. Some of the subtopics for this discussion could be as follows:
  • Your favourite blogs / blog posts - share links
  • What type of blog posts do you like to read - what do you close off to?
  • Do you prefer posts that are funny, tear jerkers, ideas for little ones, informative?
  • What is your own favourite post - or most popular post - might not be the same thing

The Blog

We are working fast to make this blog look and feel better so please bear with us while we get it right.

Spread the word!

Finally, this is the bit where you come in! Please spread the word about #pbloggers. We think its pretty fab already - a place for all mum and dad bloggers to come and chat, share their experiences, ask questions, share their blogs with others, get feedback. We want to make it THE place to be on a Sunday night!

Please follow us through email or Bloglovin. Follow us on Twitter @pbloggerschat. We also have a badge that you can put on your website. Please go here to pick up the code or you can find it in our sidebar to the left. 


  1. This is a fab idea - I really love the #pbloggers party on Sunday nights. It was fun, and full of great ideas and suggestions. And most of all a fab friendly way to meet new people and read some new blogs. Thanks so much having the idea - if I can do anything to support it please let me know xx

    1. Thank you so much! We are really grateful for your support. If you could add our page and tweet about it that would really help!
      See you on Sunday! xx

    2. What a lovely comment! Thank you! Like Joanna said: spread the word! See you on Sunday! xx

    3. Please can you explain what 'add our page' means??!! I'm still learning about the techie side (which is definitely not my strong point!)!

      Will definitely tweet about it though :)) xx

    4. On our site (desktop version) there's a code for our badge (top left). If you copy this code, then go to your blog design, layout, and 'add a gadget' to your sidebar, pick the HTML option, and paste the code there, our badge advertising the pbloggers site will automatically appear in the sidebar of your site! Hope that makes sense :) x

    5. Oh sorry yes it shouldn't say add our page! My silly phone autocorrected I meant add our badge please. Thanks hun x

    6. Cool will do that then - thanks for explaining honey xx

  2. Such a good idea. How about adding a midweek, daytime chat too?! Sunday nights are difficult for me with a husband who is firmly anti social media :(

    1. That's not a bad idea. Will talk to the others about it.

  3. Loving the #pbloggers chat! I am in the States, but I still find participating fun and love checking out all the UK blogs! Great idea.

    1. Thanks for joining in! Love to get more US bloggers involved. Please spread the word - you can grab the badge to put on your site if you want. Lets make #pbloggers an international phenomenon!


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