Monday, 25 March 2013

Your favourite blogs - #pbloggers Party: 24th March 2013

These are a few of your favourite ... blogs!
What a successful third week of #pbloggers! The chat was so fast that it was hard to keep up, even without commenting and responding! What an amazing experience though. As @gin_cornflakes said "Wow- If #pbloggers did real life parties..."

The topic was your favourite bloggers. There were many recommendations shared and the love was felt all around! We are now going to do our best to include as many of the recommendations as we can but sorry if we miss anyone. Feel free to add your links in the comments.

Another great thing this week is that we had many more Dad bloggers join in with the party, and many were asking to find out about blogs by fathers.

This site was recommended for dad blog - - -
Lucy keeps her favs on her blog - - - - - -- - - - - - - -
Not another mummy blog keeps track of her favs on her blog - - - -

We have had a few requests to start up another time for a #pbloggers chat - perhaps a mid-week slot- and we are also looking for ideas for next's week party so please get in touch. The whole point is that the #pbloggers concept is accessible and relevant for as many parent bloggers as possible!

You can either comment here or email us at

During the week there will be a poll of the most suggested topics for next Sunday's party so please visit back.

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