Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How do you decide what to blog about? - #pbloggers Party 12th May 2013

This week's #pbloggers Party was on the subject of blog content: how do you decide what to write about? Are there any topics you steer clear of? Do you worry about upsetting people with your opinions or are you anonymous in order to be able to be more free with your opinions in your blog posts?

How do you decide what to write about?

Many of you mentioned keeping a notebook in your bag/desk/by the bed in order to note down ideas as and when they come to you. Others used their phones and some mentioned (when at their computers) that they created a new draft post as a way to keep a note of new post ideas. 

What happens when you run out of ideas?

Some of you felt restricted in what you could write in case someone you know got offended/didn't like it/judged you:

Britmums Live (Blogging Conference in London) was mentioned. Some nerves about going but hopes that we will get inspiration from it


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