Wednesday, 22 May 2013

So what do YOU do on rainy days...?

I don't know about you,
but this is just how I look in this situation...
This week, we PBloggers talked about rainy day activities. The weather across the United Kingdom (from where I sit behind ye olde laptoppe, Dear Reader) had been dreadful over the days leading up to the discussion.  This included, what is known in our house as, PROPER RAIN.  This seemed to top-off the seemingly long, dark winter making things feel a little bleak ... but, ironically, Sunday saw a bright and toasty warm day with not a cloud in the sky for many across these great shores.

Who says we Brits like nothing more than to talk about the weather..?

Now don't be rude please, this is actually relevant to the topic in hand. Tsk Tsk.

So.  How do YOU keep your kids entertained when it's throwing stair-rods outside?  Well it seems that the PBloggers community are rather good at this topic and there were plenty of ideas banded around the place.  Here's just a few and please add any others you have in the comments at the bottom!

Snuggle up in front of the box
Once they're old enough, there's nothing nicer than settling down to watch a film with your little one snuggled up to you.

But this won't last all day and soon everyone gets itchy... there's nothing like a bit of indoor acrobatics to lighten up a manky day!

Many of you get creative and crafty:

Pass the cheese please dear... 
Another great idea is to have an indoor picnic!  I think this is such a lovely thing to do on a rainy day...especially as it means there might be a bit of cake in there...

Or you could get on with a bit of gardening...

Come on!  Let's boot up and get on out there!
One of the most popular rainy day activities was to just get out there and charge around in it!!


But to leave you with a light-hearted alternative...

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